Raw Pork Pet Food For Dogs & Cats, Complete & Balanced


Ingredients: Pork Heart, Pork with Bone, Pork Liver, Kale, Cranberries, Sunflower Oil, Dried Kelp

  • All natural, complete and balanced nutrition for your dog.
  • No filler- no corn, wheat, soy, rice, potatoes, beans, peas.
  • No synthetic vitamin/mineral powders. All nutrition comes from real food.
  • Only premium ingredients from USA or Canada.
  • No distressed, diseased or dying animals are used.
  • Minimally processed. Made of real meat, organ, bone ground together.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min)

Crude Fat (min)

Crude Fiber (max)

Moisture (max)

Ash (max)






Kilocalories per cup……343     Kilocalories per Kg……1510

Find a Store Near You

At Albright’s Raw Pet Food, we want as many pet owners as possible to have access to our raw pork dog food. Our pork products for dogs are available in numerous physical store locations, which you can find through our store locator. You can also buy our pork-based dog food online and get free delivery on most orders. Our mission is to get our pure, nutrient-packed dog food to as many dogs and cats as possible.

Feeding Instructions

Our raw pork dog food is nutritionally dense, providing a lot of healthy calories to live a long, happy and vibrant life. We suggest feeding your dog a daily portion of pork pet food that weighs 2.5% of their body weight. However, we recommend that you view our feeding instructions to ensure your pets get the proper portion and nutrition.

Discover the Benefits of Our Products

Raw pork food for dogs offers the pure nutrients your pets need to live healthier and longer. Our natural food containing raw pork for dogs is packed with benefits, including high-quality ingredients and healthy calories. Our no filler recipe ensures your dog’s food is not spoiled by today’s commercial production methods.

Have Questions About Our Products?

Do you have questions about the safety of feeding raw pork food to your dogs and cats? Albright’s Raw Pet Food is natural, no-filler food designed to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. Find the answers to other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.