About Us and Albright’s Dog Food

Appropriately enough, the story of a raw dog food made with locally-sourced all-natural ingredients began in an upmarket delicatessen specializing in quality meats.

Back in 2004, Lee and Karen Albright opened their first meat market and deli in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the venture proved so popular that a decade later they found themselves opening a second store in the city.

As their customer base grew, the couple found they were getting an ever-increasing number of requests for cuts of meat to feed their dogs. Some customers even began enquiring whether they made their own dog food – and the seed of an idea was sown.
So the couple embarked on their first research into the world of raw feeding and its many benefits, and soon realised they were at the forefront of a new movement. 

A growing wave of pet owners were becoming dissatisfied with mass-produced commercial foods, bulked with grains, flavoured with meat by-products like chicken meal, and only meeting nutritional standards with the addition of artificial supplements. Many instead had begun to embrace the idea of feeding their dogs a diet of fresh, uncooked meat and offal, lightly supplemented with other natural, unprocessed ingredients. The same way dogs have fed themselves in the wild for thousands of years.

Raw and Tasty, Tried and Tested

It didn’t take long for Karen and Lee to realise that the burgeoning raw dog food market fell into two camps: good quality raw food that was priced well beyond the budget of the average dog-owner, or poor-quality affordable foods.

Having built their deli business by always striving to provide exceptional quality at a reasonable price, the couple knew exactly what they wanted to offer their customers. So Karen and Lee started to source the best ingredients, purchase the right equipment, and create the naturally nutritious recipes that dogs and their owners would love.

So began a cycle of creating recipes, testing, and refining, not to mention obtaining  all the licensing necessary to sell their perfected product. Fortunately, as devoted dog owners themselves, the couple’s beagle Rosie proved an ideal and entirely willing test subject.

From the moment Albright’s Raw Dog Food hit the shelves of their stores, not only was the response hugely positive, but demand just kept growing.

Today Albright’s dog food is offered in a range of tasty recipes, and sold by selected retailers, vendors, and distributors throughout the U.S. - as thousands of happier, healthier dogs wag their tails across America…

Change your dog’s life for the better. Simply by changing their diet.

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