Every Dog Knows ‘Raw Is Right’

Albright’s All-Natural Dog Food Makes Eating Raw Give Your Dog More. 

More Nutrients. More Vitality. More Longevity. More Happiness.

As you peel back the can or tear open the kibble sack, it’s easy to forget that mass-produced commercial pet food is a relatively recent product, available for only a fraction of the time in which the relationship between dogs and humans has been forged.

Researchers believe that wild dogs were domesticated around 16 thousand years ago. Since then, working dogs have helped humans thrive: hunting with them, protecting precious livestock, controlling vermin, and a host of other vital tasks.

Only the relatively recent rise in living standards afforded by the Industrial Revolution and the disposable incomes of a growing 19th-century middle class saw working animals like dogs becoming domesticated and sharing their owner’s homes as new-found symbols of affluence.

With this elevated status came a demand to differentiate household pets from working animals (still living outside on a natural dog diet consisting of their owner’s leftover meat and vegetable scraps) by feeding them specially prepared pet foods.

Commercial Pet Food Replaces Raw Feeding

Around 1860, one man single-handedly created the commercial pet food market, almost by chance. On a visit from America to the UK, electrician James Spratt found himself watching dogs on the dockside eating discarded ship’s biscuits. He ventured that domestic dog owners would benefit from a similar long-lasting shelf-stable foodstuff for their pets.

Spratt’s Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes, made predominantly of blended wheat and beetroot, were inexpensive to produce and sold at a huge premium to a wealthy customer base of English gentlemen owning domestic and sporting dogs.

Since then, successive decades of shrewd marketing have convinced pet owners that canned and bagged pet foods are the only viable option for feeding their animal companions — creating a global pet food market worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the process.

Today, the mass-production principles of that market deliver pet food that undergoes extreme preservation and sterilization processes, such as pasteurization and high-temperature cooking. Methods designed for improving shelf-life also drastically reduce the nutritional value of their core ingredients, creating products that require the addition of artificial supplements to meet basic regulatory requirements on nutrition.

Going back to better

Fortunately, in recent years, as we’ve realized just how detrimental the effects of highly processed foods can be for our bodies, we’ve also begun to realize the same applies to our animal companions.

An all-natural dog food diet based on the raw feeding of a healthy balance of nutrient-rich, all-natural ingredients, left unspoiled by modern commercial production methods, is the easy way to change our dog’s lives for the better — simply by returning to the way we used to feed and care for our dogs thousands of years ago. 

Change your dog’s life for the better simply by changing their diet.

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