Feeding Instructions

How to Give Your Dog More by Feeding Raw.

Because our raw food for dogs has more healthy calories and is more nutritionally dense, your dog will require less of our food than the commercial kibble or canned food they’ve been eating until now.

But how much less?

Firstly, don’t let your dog dictate the terms! Our raw dog food diet is packed with the ingredients your dog naturally craves, so they’re bound to beg for more. Most importantly, their stomachs will no longer be bloated by the useless bulk fillers found in manufactured pet foods.

A good rule of thumb for portion control is to provide your dog with a daily portion weighing 2.5% of their total body weight. So, if your dog is 40 pounds, needs to maintain weight and is reasonably active, he’ll need about 1 pound (that’s 16 oz, or approx. 450 grams) of raw food daily. You can feed that all at once or in two meals over the day.

If your dog appears too thin or is super-active, feed a little more, but avoid overfeeding. Instead, try a 3% portion for a more gradual weight gain. Feed a little less if your dog is overweight, older, or naturally takes less exercise. Remember, a meat-based raw dog food diet is much more nutrient and calorie dense than kibble. Overfeed, and your dog will gain weight quickly, so it’s always better to start with too little and increase portions gradually.

Pregnant and nursing mothers need a daily portion that’s 5-10% of their body weight, as do puppies. Albright’s raw dog food is certified for healthy growth in puppies.

The chart below gives an estimated amount of Raw Dog Food to serve daily based on weight. If you feed twice daily, halve the amount for each meal.

Dog's Current Weight (lbs)


Lose Weight

Gain Weight






5% plus


2 oz

1.1 oz

2.4 oz

4+ oz


4 oz

2.4 oz

4.8 oz

8+ oz


6 oz

3.5 oz

7.2 oz

12+ oz


8 oz

4.8 oz

9.6 oz

1+ lb


10 oz

6 oz

12 oz

1.25+ lbs


12 oz

7.2 oz

14.4 oz

1.5+ lbs


14 oz

8.3 oz

1 lb

1.75+ lbs


1 lb

9.6 oz

1.2 lbs

2+ lbs


1 lb 2 oz

10.5 oz

1.35 oz

2.25+ lbs


1.25 lbs

12 oz

1.5 lbs

2.5+ lbs


1.50 lbs

14.5 oz

1.8 lbs

3+ lbs


1.75 lbs

1 lb

2.1 lbs

3.5+ lbs


2 lbs

1.2 lbs

2.4 lbs

4+ lbs


2.25 lbs

1.3 lbs

2.7 lbs



2.50 lbs

1.5 lbs

3 lbs

5+ lbs


2.75 lbs

1.6 lbs

3.3 lbs

5.5+ lbs


3 lbs

1.8 lbs

3.6 lbs

6+ lbs


3.25 lbs

1.9 lbs

3.9 lbs

6.5+ lbs


3.50 lbs

2.1 lbs

4.2 lbs

7+ lbs


3.75 lbs

2.25 lbs

4.5 lbs

7.5+ lbs


5 lbs

3 lbs

6 lbs

10+ lbs

Transitioning to a Raw Dog Food Diet

Because “raw is right,” most dogs instinctively love raw food and can quickly transition. Dogs with a regular, healthy appetite and constitution can be transitioned onto Albright’s raw dog food diet using the schedule below.

  • Days 1-4: Feed 25% Albright's with 75% old food.
  • Days 5-8: Feed 50% Albright's with 50% old food.
  • Days 9-12: Feed 75% Albright's with 25% old food.
  • Day 13+: Go all Albright's!

If your pet is a little pickier or has a more delicate stomach, use this schedule but extend each step by a couple of days or until your dog has comfortably adapted to their new diet.  

The Scoop on Poop

Pay attention to your dog’s digestion. Sometimes a new food can cause loose stools — or sometimes, it’s just excitement about a new, tasty raw diet.  If your dog’s stool is normal and your pet is eating the Raw food eagerly, you can move to the next step. However, if your dog’s gut is unused to fresh raw ingredients and gets a little overstimulated, reduce it back to a spoonful or two with their previous regular dog food.

Since there is less bulk and filler food going in, there is less poop coming out, so don’t be concerned that your dog is constipated just because they’re pooping less on their new raw dog food diet. Fewer stools are just the natural result of feeding Raw.
If your dog does seem to be straining or uncomfortable, adding a spoonful or two of canned pumpkin, some shredded raw carrot, or sweet potato should help them poop happily again.

Serving and Safe Handling Instructions

Albright’s All-Natural Raw Dog Food is packaged in 2lb and 5lb frozen chub packs. Keep frozen until ready to thaw for serving, then thaw gradually in the refrigerator. Use each chub pack within 72 hours, or repackage and refreeze within 24 hours.

As with all products containing raw meat, Albright's should be handled per the guidelines below:

  • Keep frozen. 
  • Thaw in the refrigerator. 
  • Use thawed product within 72 hours.
  • Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. 
  • Wash working surfaces, utensils, and serving bowls after using. 
  • Wash hands after touching raw meat or poultry.
  • Because of the perishable nature of raw dog food, if your pet does not eat all presented food within 30 minutes, discard or refrigerate for up to 24 hours.
  • Keep raw meat and poultry away from children.                        

Albright’s Raw Dog Food is NOT for human consumption.

Change your dog’s life for the better simply by changing their diet.

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