Albright’s Raw Pet Food

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Recommended by Cathy Lanier Gibson.

Renowned Carnivore Nutritionist.

Selected for Susan Thixton’s List 2023.

"Foods I Would Trust To Feed My Own Pets"

Complete & Balanced
All Natural, North American Sourced Ingredients
No Fillers. No Preservatives. No Additives. EVER.
Biologically Appropriate

Food Dogs Were Designed to Eat.

Nutrition You Can Trust.

Food they were designed to eat.  Food that is carefully crafted for biological compatibility.  Food that considers their ancestorial history.  Food that is raw, natural, and pure.

Albright’s never uses fillers, grains, supplements, or synthetic vitamins to meet the nutritional requirements of our puppy customers.  We only use intentionally balanced, naturally-occurring foods that are ideal for your dog’s health. From Yorkshire Terriers to Afghan Hounds, every dog knows raw is right.

Change your dog’s life for the better. Simply by changing their diet. Free Delivery on most Orders

Raw. Like it always was.

The bond with our beloved pets has never been closer. But if your dog could talk, what would they ask for? Highly processed food, filled with cheap commercial bulking agents like cereals, potatoes - and even clay?

Or would your faithful friend prefer a complete raw dog food? One that provides them meals packed with meat protein, lightly supplemented with other natural, nutrient dense foods such as kale and kelp, tasty cranberries, and sunflower oil.
These are the healthy, all-natural ingredients you’ll find in Albright’s Raw Dog Food, specially selected to give your dog the right amount of vital vitamins and minerals.
Everything your dog needs to stay healthy and thrive.

Change your dog’s life for the better. Simply by changing their diet.

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From the people
From the people
"Thank you so much for letting Bleu try this new raw food. He absolutely loves it!! He is a very picky eater and he gets super bored with is dry/kibble. We have to doctor his food up, either by adding some type of wet dog food, cooked eggs, or safe left overs of some kind. And even then he at times won’t eat. Since the day we started this raw food he never hesitates and cleans his bowl! He gets excited to eat really for the first time since he was a puppy (he’ll be 2 in July). Thank you so much for introducing this wonderful dog food to Bleu! It makes my life easier and Bleu is loving it!!"
— Bleu
From the people
I want to thank you for your amazing food! My 10 month old standard poodle puppy Bryn has severe IBD and your food has changed her life (and mine!)…since starting on your food about 3 months ago she is 90% symptom free. (I am purchasing through White Dog Bone and they ship really fast and food always arrives to us in Connecticut fully frozen). We use your complete beef recipe. Thank you so much for giving my dear dog her health.
— Bryn 
From the people
Bailey is 16 and we’ve had a hard time with his appetite. Sometimes he wants to eat and sometimes not, but at his age that’s normal. Well tonight I decided to try your organ/tripe mix and let’s just say he’s a fan! I mixed some with the Albright’s chicken grind (another favorite in our house) and I couldn’t even finish bagging the rest of the rolls I thawed because he was barking at me (this dog never barks or begs) to stop what I was doing and give him his bowl! He scarfed it down and licked his bowl clean for the first time in a long time!
— Bailey 
From the people
Our rescue pup, Olive, is a picky eater with an extremely sensitive stomach. "Undesirable stool" was already a problem, so we were naturally worried about accidents in the house. Since switching 6 months ago to Albright's Raw Dog Food she has not had diarrhea once. Even better, she now poops a THIRD of what she used to. Olive's skin is no longer itchy, her coat is shinier, and she is downright adorable during mealtimes. And did I mention she poops less?! My wife is a vegetarian, and even she is completely sold. We love Albright's Raw Dog Food!
— Clark
From the people
"Our German shepherd puppy, Walter, will be 4 months next week. When we got him he was on kibble and we continued him on kibble but noticed he was itchy, frequently had runny stool and would vomit in the middle of the night. We decided to switch to raw and chose Albright’s based on my brothers recommendation (his Belgian Malinois eats this stuff). Walter has been on Albright’s for about a month now and he’s doing great! No runny stools or vomit since switching over and I haven’t noticed any scratching in the last week and a half."
— Isabel
From the people
"Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier LOVES Albright's. He's been eating it for months now. It used to be a daily struggle to get him to eat his kibble, but now he absolutely loves meal time. We chose Albright's because it's the best quality and variety at the most affordable price."
— Ricky
From the people
"My girls Lucy and Molly LOVE Albright's raw food. We switched to this brand in 2020 and it's their favorite food. When it comes time for meal time, they are looking all over the kitchen for their food, ecstatic to eat. They've never acted like this for another food. Loyal customer forever and I highly recommend your brand to everyone. Thanks for a wonderful food for my girls."
— Kristin

For Brighter, Healthier, Happier Pets Choose Albright’s Raw Dog Food

For the precise amounts of protein, fat, bone, and trace nutrients your dog needs.
For processing that preserves all the benefits of raw food found in the wild.
For food free from artificial supplements, colours, and flavourings.
For food free from corn, soy, wheat, barley, rice, oats, potatoes, quinoa, clay - or any other form of filler.
For a balanced and complete raw dog food approved by the AAFCO.

Change your dog’s life for the better. Simply by changing their diet.
Free Delivery on Most Orders