Our Mission: To Increase Collective Dog Longevity by 100,000 Years

33,000 dogs. A thriving and longer life by an average of three years per dog. That's how we reach 100,000 years in improved life expectancy.

Here at Albright's, our passion is more than business. Our daily purpose is to produce and provide a trustworthy, natural, biologically appropriate dog food that enables your dog to not just survive, but thrive.

Join the movement today. We would love to earn your business and add your pup to our growing list of thriving customers.

Our Promise

We promise to promote and maintain your pet’s health by creating the best raw dog food possible. We do that by using organic and locally sourced, high-quality ingredients that deliver all the vitamins, minerals, and natural nutrition your dog will ever need.

Our Dedication

We’re dedicated to continuously expanding our range with new recipes, delivering fresh flavors and extra choice while refining and improving our existing favorites. That’s how we ensure we’re always offering the widest possible range of natural raw food for dogs — so there’s always an ideal option for dogs of every age, size, and breed.

Our Passion

Thanks to our passion for promoting the fantastic benefits of the best raw dog food, we’re constantly expanding our list of trusted stockists and distributors. Dogs and their owners in every corner of the United States have the opportunity to understand why “raw is right”.

Change your dog’s life for the better simply by changing their diet.

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