Posted on April 09, 2018 1:28pm

An introduction. My husband, Lee, and I have owned two meat markets in Fort Wayne. Our first one opened in 2004, and the second in 2014. A few years ago, we realized we were getting more requests from customers for raw meat to feed to their dogs. Some even asked if we made dog food. Well, we process meat, we know about food, what could be simpler? Ha!

Most commercial dog food is grain based with meat byproducts, chicken meal, etc. It's over processed, which removes nutrients. The necessary nutrition is then added back in with supplements and additives. Pet owners were growing dissatisfied with their options. A movement towards fresh or frozen pet food was beginning. But most of the high quality raw food was at an unaffordable price for most dog owners. The affordable food was poor quality. We figured we could do better.

We did a lot of research and reading. Bought a lot of equipment. Sourced good quality ingredients. Made a lot of test recipes. Tested them on our own dogs. Cleaned up some messes. Realized that feeding two pounds of food to our beagle was waaaaay too much. Sent a lot of samples to be tested. Got our needed state licenses. Developed our packaging.

When we were ready with a final product, we began selling it in our retail meat markets. Interest was high, and responses were positive. Our sales were growing. Dogs were happy.

Over the last year our sales have increased. We've added more retail outlets.  We now have a spiffy new website. And we continue to add to our distribution network.

Our dogs are happy. What could be better than that?

Thanks for your business and your feedback, Karen